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SOLD OUT – Bongo’s Bingo

Friday February 16 - Saturday February 17
Engine Rooms, Southampton
6:00 pm - 12:00 am

Bongo’s Bingo has evolved into a unique success story, with wild scenes taking place each night across the UK as the team move from city to city, and now around the world too in Australia, Dubai, Ibiza, Amsterdam and Paris. 2018 is all set to see further expansion of the story. From originally starting in Liverpool it is now a true phenomenon, one which has already re-shaped how people choose to go out, eschewing clubs, bars and gigs. Perhaps most importantly, Bongo’s Bingo brings back a sense of unadulterated fun and escapism to centre stage, something which has been lacking. The many shows taking place each week continue to sell out in advance, with a vibrant mix of players flocking from far wide for the riotous reinvention of a particularly unique and fond British pastime which continues to create magic and mayhem where ever it goes. There’s everything from dance-offs and false calls to dancing on benches, hundreds of phone lights shining and singalongs to ballads, 80s classics and the occasional curve-ball thrown in. And of course – don’t forget the rave off! Amid all of the chaos, there’s also the chance to win pink unicorns, Henry Hoovers, boxes of Coco Pops and life-size cardboard cut outs, through to big cash prizes. Quite simply, it has to be seen to be believed.

‘Bingo? That’s an old person thing isn’t it? Well, not this version. Jonny Bongo hosts the most outrageous bingo known to man every Thursday at Camp and Furnace. Expect impromptu raves, dance offs and prizes so bad they’re good. Bongo’s Bingo turns a predisposed evening of bingo on its head and we promise you that you’ll love every second.’